Nitrogen Generators: a new approach to fighting Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Systems

Corrosion affects more than just your sprinkler systems. It affects your business, safety, and productivity. Potter Nitrogen Generators are engineered to deliver up to 99% pure, reliable, dry Nitrogen to your system, protecting it from corrosion.

Potter Nitrogen Generator

Corrosion Inhibition Research Paper

Potter Corrosion Solutions has released a study showing the overwhelming benefits of utilizing nitrogen generators to replace the air in both dry and pre-action systems.

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Pipe corrosion

Corrosion—a costly word

It doesn’t seem possible that a new sprinkler system can produce holes in less than two years. The corrosive effects of MIC could be more costly than you think.

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Nitrogen is your new ally

Water, oxygen, and metal don’t mix. Luckily, oxygen can be replaced.
By stopping one of the key components in corrosion, your system can be saved.

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Nitrogen Generation
Nitrogen Generator

A turn-key solution

Every sprinkler system is different. Knowing this, Potter developed an exclusive line of nitrogen generators which meet the need of any system. Each model comes with everything you need to delivery up to 99% pure, dry nitrogen to your system. We will even work with you to pick the correct unit.

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Black Steel Pipe

Black Steel + N2
Galvanized Steel + Air

Using a nitrogen generator not only extends the life of your fire protection system but can be an upfront cost savings! Download the white paper which analyzes a typical fire sprinkler installation for an assisted living facility. The results will surprise you!

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