WLS Water Level Switch

The Model WLS Water Level Switch is a  float operated device for supervising water level in a sprinkler supply gravity or pressure tank. The unit is capable of detecting the level of water before a 3" (7,6cm) rise and/or a 3" (7,6cm) fall in the water level in a pressure tank, as required.

Unique Features

  • The only water level switch UL Listed for fire sprinkler systems
  • Detects both low and high water levels
  • Suitable for use on gravity or pressure tanks

Codes and Approvals

  • Complies with the requirements of NFPA 72, 2010, 17.16.3

Engineering Specifications

Contractor shall Furnish and install UL and CUL Listed Water Level Switch on the side of the sprinkler water supply tank as indicated on plans and drawings and where required by applicable codes and standards. The Water Level Switch shall be rated for 175 psi and shall consist of a float assembly operating separate switches for low and high water levels. Each switch shall be SPDT and shall be rated for 15 amps at 250 VAC and .5 Amps at 125 VDC. The device shall detect a 3” drop and rise in pressure tanks and a 12” drop in a gravity tank depending on mounting location. The unit shall mount through the side of the tank by means of 1 ½” male NPT threads for steel tanks. There shall be an adapter to convert the 1 ½” NPT male threads of the water level switch to 2” buttress threads for installation on wood tanks. The unit shall be a model WLS manufactured by Potter Electric Signal company.

Additional Information for Engineers:

  • Two WLS's can be used together to control automatic refilling of water storage tanks and provide low and high levels

Installation Tips

  • To detect a 3" rise and drop for pressure tanks mount the WLS at the normal water level
  • To detect a 12" drop in a gravity tank mount the WLS 9" below the normal water level
  • If a wood tank cannot support a thread or a flange cannot be attached to a steel tank, use the buttress adapter, gasket and nut if there is access to the inside of the tank

Additional Information

Click Here to view the WLS datasheet.

For additional questions, contact customer service: sales@pottersignal.com, or tech support: tech@pottersignal.com