FM Recommended

FM Recommended

Potter's Automatic Air Vents are recommended by FM Global.

In a recent study by FM Global, leaders in loss prevention, it was determined that corrosion in fire sprinkler systems is a significant issue and can lead to leaks and system failures. One of the leading contributors to corrosion is trapped air in wet pipe systems.

Trapped air in wet pipe systems

Trapped air in wet pipe systems provides the oxygen source for steel pipe corrosion. Minimizing air pockets in wet pipe systems is recommended. An air release valve, which is capable of venting trapped air in the pipe, can mitigate this kind of corrosion. Limiting the introduction of oxygenated fresh water into the piping system can also be an effective mitigation strategy for wet pipe systems. Similar to the dry pipe or preaction systems, nitrogen gas can also be used as a supervisory gas to reduce oxygen concentrations in the sprinkler water of wet systems.

FM Global

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To view the entire article on FM Global's findings and to download the research paper, Corrosion and Corrosion Mitigation in Fire Protection Systems, click below.

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