SureCall Guardian4

Public Safety Band Signal Booster

SureCall's Guardian4™ Public Safety Band signal booster amplifies FirstNet signals for crucial communications, delivering consistent signal for First Responders and other public safety officials relying on two-way radio communication inside large buildings.

The Guardian4 is a bi-directional amplifier with a maximum gain of 80 dB on the Public Safety frequency bands, supporting 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready) and 800 MHz.

Note: FCC-GROL license is required to commission/register the SureCall Public Safety Band signal booster.

  • Note a NFPA 1221 compliant power supply for battery back backup is not included in the SureCall bill of material.
  • Potter offers the NEWMAR PE series power supplies for public safety boosters.
  • Complete the Online Design Request Form
  • DB strength reading outside of building, and building floorplans (CAD prefereed) are required. 
  • SureCall will start the design process and respond directly to you in 3-4 business days with custom system design and bill of material