To Our Extended Potter Family,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate around the world, I am writing to emphasize our ongoing commitment to you and to provide an update on Potter. Potter is committed to a cautious approach to managing the business under the given circumstances. The safety of our family—customers, partners and employees—is our primary concern. I hope that you and yours remain healthy and safe during this pandemic. Everyone at Potter is safe, our plants are open and generally running at normal capacity. Like you, Potter employees are now well versed in personal hygiene and the guidelines of social distancing. Here are some of the adjustments being made at Potter:

  • All travel for Potter employees has stopped. This means everyone—our salespeople, training folks and the management team. This is to minimize the risk of exposure to our employees and yours (we'll see you when… we see you).

  • All personnel who aren't crucial to performing manufacturing duties are working from home (dress shirts on top, shorts on the bottom).

  • Work cells in our production area have been relocated to allow extra "social distancing" space (although breaking up has been hard to do for some).

  • Half of the tables were taken out of the employee break room and lunch breaks have been staggered with 5 minute breaks between shifts (no sharing your Snack Pack).

  • To accommodate employees that are unable to work during the day due to school closings (or insomnia), a second shift has been added. This will also provide us additional flexibility to meet product demand.

  • Information regarding awareness and hygiene (hand washing, not tooth brushing) is being disseminated throughout the facility by way of communications and informative posters. Workstations are cleaned and disinfected three times a day.

  • Doors to the facility have been opened to improve ventilation and reduce touch points. Exhaust fans are also kept constantly running to improve air flow (and mess up everyone's hair).

  • We've enacted a 4 day work week with 10 hour days in order to give any potential virus in the building time to (ahem) "expire" over the longer 3 day weekend.

  • All visitors to Potter facilities must complete a health survey. Please let us know if you will be visiting and we can send you the survey in advance. (The pizza delivery guys now have dedicated tables in our lobbies).

  • Potter's supply chain group is having daily discussions with suppliers on their deliveries, plant status, etc. They are focused on keeping the orders flowing and managing any major (or minor) issues that may arise.

  • We will miss seeing you in person, but are staying connected through e-mail, phone calls and online meetings. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll still be here (or working from home).

It's impressive to see how people around the world are pulling together during this time. Potter is lucky to have remarkable partners and employees that are already working to sort through some interesting problems. Our goal is to keep our employees safely working, our products in supply, and our customers supported to the highest level possible. Please stay in touch to let us know how you are doing.

Best regards,

Gerry Connolly, CEO