The PS-TM Series is the industry’s FIRST AND ONLY completely pre-assembled low pressure test module for dry pipe and pre-action systems.

The PS-TM Series provides a fast and foolproof way to confirm the system meets the requirement of NFPA 72, 2013, and to perform the test required by NFPA 25, 2014, and

The PS-TM Series also eliminates any possibility of accidentally tripping the dry pipe valve during testing. Closing the BVL bleeder valve isolates the Supervisory Pressure Switch and pressure gauge from the air source while exhausting the supervisory air pressure between the bleeder valve and the Pressure Switch. This can save hours of time waiting for pressure to bleed down then build back up, as is the case in the old conventional testing method. This is especially important when using nitrogen generators as it can save a lot of wear on the generator components.

Unique Features

  • Completely assembled unit
  • Manufactured from Galvanized Pipe
  • BVL Bleeder valve included for easy testing without the possibility of trippiing the system
  • High / Low pressure switch for standard or low differential dry valves
  • High quality 250 PSI gauge. Easy to read 0-80 psi scale with retard to 250 psi

Codes and Approvals

  • NFPA 72, 2016,
  • NFPA 25, 2014,
  • The PS40-2 and PS15-2 pressure switches are UL, cUL, CSFM, FM, LPCB and CE

Engineering Specifications

Pressure Supervisory Switch Test Manifold for Dry Pipe and Preaction systems
A completely pre-assembled supervisory pressure test manifold shall be furnished and installed on the system side of a check valve located at the system pressure connection of each dry pipe valve and preaction system and where indicated on the drawings and plans and as required by applicable local and national codes and standards. The manifold shall be manufactured of galvanized pipe and shall consist of a UL, CUL Listed / FM, LPCB Approved and CE Marked high / low pressure supervisory switch, ½” BVL bleeder valve, and 3 ½” gauge with 0-80 psi scale with retard up to 250 psi. The bleeder valve shall be in line with the pressure switch and gauge. Closing the BVL shall isolate the pressure switch and gauge from the supply pressure maintaining the integrity of the system pressure while simultaneously venting the pressure at the switch and gauge allowing the trip point of the pressure switch to be observed on the gauge. Opening the BVL re-introduces system pressure back to the pressure switch and gauge allowing the pressure switch to restore to a normal condition. The test manifold shall be a model PS40-TM or PS15-TM depending on the supervisory pressure needed for the dry valve manufactured by Potter Electric Signal Company LLC.

Additional Engineering Information

  • The gauge is an easy to read 3 1/2"  0-80 psi scale with a retard up to 250 psi
  • There is a port to allow for the connection of a calibrated gauge
  • It allows for fast, easy, foolproof testing of supervisory pressure with no danger of accidently tripping a system
  • Great for systems with nitrogen generators because it saves nirogen so the generator runs less

Installation Tips

  • Installs in place of the standard supervisory pressure switch  on the trim of all dry pipe valves

Tech Tips

  • Slowly closing the BVL allows the pressure gauge to be observed to determine the exact trip point of the pressure switch

Other Information

  • It eliminates the possibility of tripping the dry valve
  • For use on dry or preaction systems
  • Saves time and money. There is no need to bleed air off the entire system so you don't have to wait fot the compressor or nitrogen generator to build pressure back up

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