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DCM-4 Obsolete Product

Dual Contact Module

The DCM-4 is compatible with Potter's PFC-6000 series and PFC-8500 addressable fire alarm control panels. The DCM-4 is an interface module used to monitor dry contact devices such as sprinkler water flow, valve tamper switches, or conventional pull stations. The module is capable of monitoring two separate Class B or one Class A circuits.

The DCM-4 uses two (2) consecutive SLC loop addresses when monitoring two (2) Class B circuits or one (1) address when monitoring a single class A (Style D) circuit. The module mounts on either a 4" square or double gang box. The module is capable of monitoring two (2) separate class B circuits making it ideal for monitoring sprinkler waterflow and valve tamper switches when they are located in the same proximity. The DCM-4 includes one red LED to indicate the modules status. In normal condition, the LED flashes when the device is being polled by the control panel. When a contact is activated, the LED will light continuously and in case of an open circuit, the LED will turn off.