Chemical Delivery System

The Model PCDS-B, Potter Chemical Delivery System, is a self contained chemical delivery system manufactured specifically for automatic fire sprinkler systems. The unit is designed to pump Potter Pipe-Shield® into the sprinkler system upon the operation of a dedicated manual ON/OFF switch located on the interior of the cabinet. The pump delivers Potter Pipe-Shield® at a flow rate of 0.63 GPM (±0.15 depending on system pressure) into the system. The pump should only be turned on when new water is flowing into the system. After initial treatment, the pump should only be activated after a Potter Pipe-Shield® test is taken. If the results show no Potter Pipe-Shield® present in the system, then a recharge is recommended. Otherwise, the ball valve should be closed, suction wand removed, factory delivery container cap reattached, and power turned off.

The cabinet is designed to hold two 15 gallon (one 15 gallon when optional containment basin is used), or two 5 gallon Potter PipeShield® factory delivered containers. Potter Pipe-Shield® should be pumped directly from the factory delivered containers. Only Potter Pipe-Shield® may be used. Usage of other chemicals voids the PCDS-B warranty.


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