Portable Chemical Injection System

The PCIS-B Portable Chemical Injection System is designed and manufactured specifically for injecting Potter Pipe-Shield™ corrosion inhibitor into fire sprinkler systems.

The PCIS-B is a fully self-contained portable system. The pump and manual on/off switch are mounted to the base of a durable wheeled shipping container with telescoping handle that can be shipped via normal carrier service, transported by service vehicles and wheeled directly to the riser location.

Potter Pipe-Shield™ does not have to be injected into the system in metered amounts as the system is filled. Drain the sprinkler system through the 2" main drain, any auxiliary drain and flushing connection to remove debris and bacterium. When Pipe-Shield™ is injected as the system is being filled, it will automatically disperse throughout the entire sprinkler system to treat the pipe. The amount of Pipe-Shield™ required for a wet pipe system is 0.5% of the total system capacity. For a dry pipe system the ratio is increased to 1% of total system capacity.

Connections for the suction and discharge hoses to the pump are made with easy to use quick connect push-on fittings. A 5' Siphoning hose, 19" PVC siphoning tube and a 15' discharge hose with quick-connect fittings and bushing are included. The unit also comes with a 24' grounded power cord. All components fit neatly inside the PCIS-B case for easy transporting.


Introduction to Potter Corrosion Solutions

How to use the Potter PCIS