PS-TM Series

Preassembled Test Module

The PS-TM Series is the industry's FIRST AND ONLY completely pre-assembled low pressure test module for dry pipe and pre-action systems.

The PS-TM Series provides a fast and foolproof way to confirm the system meets the requirement of NFPA 72, 2013, and to perform the test required by NFPA 25, 2014, and

The PS-TM Series also eliminates any possibility of accidentally tripping the dry pipe valve during testing. Closing the BVL bleeder valve isolates the Supervisory Pressure Switch and pressure gauge from the air source while exhausting the supervisory air pressure between the bleeder valve and the Pressure Switch. This can save hours of time waiting for pressure to bleed down then build back up, as is the case in the old conventional testing method. This is especially important when using nitrogen generators as it can save a lot of wear on the generator components.