AFC Online Certification

To obtain a certificate for completing the online training modules please complete this form. Start with the AFC Hardware Videos and work through the modules. At the end of each module you will find a numeric code. Enter this code in the designated spot on the completion form, as well as the date the video was viewed.

After completing all modules of the AFC Hardware Videos, move on to the AFC Software Videos. Follow the same process of entering the numeric code and date the video was watched.

Submit this form once all of the videos have been completed and numeric codes have been filled in, and you will be sent an email with a link for taking a certification exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate for participating in the online training modules.

AFC Series Hardware Videos

Module Title Date Viewed Video Code
P-Link Modules
P-Link Installation
SLC Devices
PAD SLC Addressing
Nohmi SLC Addressing
NAC Configuration
Input Configuration
Relay Outputs
Panel Start-up
P-Comm Network

AFC Series Software Videos

Module Title Date Viewed Video Code
Remote Access
Job Details
General Options
Email Reporting
Email Reminders
LAN Settings
IP Reporting
P-Link Devices
Zones Programming


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