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Emergency Responder Coverage Enhancement Systems, or ERCES, are used to provide radio signal inside buildings to ensure our First Responders are safe and able to communicate with their teams while inside a structure. They utilize Bi-Directional Amplifiers, or BDAs, and subsidiary components like antennas, cable and splitters to collect the signal provided outside the building and broadcast it inside, subverting the exterior materials that typically prevent signal from getting to the First Responders inside. These courses will help you first identify the market, then understand what an ERCES is and ultimately what it takes to successfully install and deploy an ERCES.

ERCES Guardian Manufacturer Certification Topics:

ERCES Guardian Manufacturer Certification

Date Time (CDT) Link
Tue, Jun 20, 2023
$2000 Includes GROL and Manufacturer Certification for BDAs
1:10 PM Register


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Potter Addressable Fire Panels

Potter Addressable Fire Panel webinars last approximately 2 hours. Course materials and any pre-course work will be sent in registration confirmation email. Class space is limited. A high speed internet connection is recommended.

Hardware Topics:


Date Time (CDT) Link
Wed, Aug 16, 2023
Potter Addressable Hardware Webinar
10:00 AM Register
Thu, Aug 17, 2023
Potter Addressable Software Webinar
10:00 AM Register
Sat, Aug 19, 2023
Potter Addressable Integrated Voice Webinar
10:00 AM Register


Have a question or comment about Potter Training?
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Past Webinars

BacNet Link and ModBus Link Software

This webinar covers the software features, ordering and Software Service Agreements for ModBus Link and BacNet Link software packages.


This webinar covers the software feature, installation, and licensing of IntelliView.

Integrated Voice

This webinar covered the integrated voice hardware and an example of configuring a system using panel programming software.

MC-1000 Programming

This webinar covered the MC-1000 module as far as how it is used, how to program from both the client and host control panel, and reporting codes when using the module.


This webinar covers installing, licensing, and navigating the PotterNet software.

Sounder Base Programming

This webinar covered how sounder bases are installed and programmed through examples in the software.

PFC-4064 Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

This webinar covers training over Potter's PFC-4064 conventional fire alarm panel.

ARC 100 Panel and Releasing with Potter Systems

This webinar covers the releasing programming associated with a Potter addressable control panel.

AFC Software Webinar (Espanol)

AFC Software in Espanol/English – Webinar held on 6/11/2020

AFC Hardware Webinar (Espanol)

AFC Hardware in Espanol/English – Webinar held on 6/10/2020

PSN-106 Webinar

This webinar covered the PSN-106 dip switch settings, outputs, and trigger inputs.

IPA Series Smoke Control

Recorded webinar covering Smoke Control for our IPA Series Fire Panels

AFC Hardware Webinar

Recorded webinar from one of our AFC Addressable Fire Panel trainings.

Fire Training Webinar by Ditek Surge Protection

Recorded fire training webinar given by Ditek Surge Protection

AFC Series Software Webinar

Recorded fire training webinar covering Potter's AFC Series Software.