Auto-testFlow Switch

Test your flow switch, without the need to flow water!

The VSR-AT is a UL Listed and FM Approved flow switch that can be tested without flowing water—and money—down the drain. In addition to reducing the time and cost associated with testing multiple flow switches in a facility, the AutoTest feature helps to conserve water and reduce corrosion in fire sprinkler systems.

How itWorks

The VSR-AT is our standard flow switch except the pneumatic retard has been replaced with an electronic retard that includes a small motor programmed with the AutoTest software. When the AutoTest feature is initiated, the motor will move the trip stem/paddle assembly simulating the flow of water. The motor will hold the trip stem assembly in this position until the retard time expires. The motor will then release the trip stem and the software will measure the time it takes for the trip stem assembly to return to the original position. This will ensure that the trip stem / paddle assembly is still in place and that there is water in the pipe.

After a successful test, the VSR-AT will go into alarm for a few seconds to activate the local notification appliance as well as the fire alarm panel. If there was no water in the pipe or the paddle was missing from the device, the device would show an unsuccessful test. This would be indicated by a flashing LED on the test switch and the waterflow zone on the fire panel would be put in a trouble condition.

In the event of an actual fire scenario, when water flows through the sprinkler system the flow switch will operate when the retard expires the same as a standard flow switch.

Wet SystemSolutions

Looking for other ways to combat wet system corrosion?

Remove the oxygen

Automatic air vents are the easiest and most cost-effective solution to eliminate trapped air pockets in your sprinkler system.

Potter Air Vents

Replace the oxygen with nitrogen

Reducing the oxygen levels in wet fire protection systems is essential in protecting the system from the effects of oxygen related corrosion often found at the air water interface in the fire sprinkler piping.

Potter AquaN₂