Public Safety Band Signal Booster

The GuardianA Public Safety Band Signal Booster enhances in-building coverage for crucial communications, delivering consistent signal for First Responders and other public safety officials who rely on two-way radio communication.

GuardianA is a Class A, 2-Watt, bi-directional amplifier with a maximum gain of 90 dB supporting both the 700 and 800 MHz Public Safety frequency bands.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves coverage for Public Safety Band 14 Cellular Network Frequencies: (UL: 799-805, 806-816 & DL: 769-775 851-861)
  • Class A, 32 channel independently controlled channels per band with Auto Gain Control (AGC) for each channel
  • 90 dB gain, 2-Watt system
  • Meets the code for NFPA 72/1221 and IFC 510
  • UL 2524 Certified and Labeled
  • Ethernet port with built-in TowerIQ Sentry™ remote monitoring hardware
  • Integrated dry contact 9-pin alarming
  • UPS port for external battery backup
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) and Oscillation Detection with automatic remediation
  • Energy-saving operation allows bands to remain dormant when not in use
  • A/C 110V or D/C 24- 30 V power option
  • Independently adjustable frequency attenuation for uplink and downlink
  • (Reduce gain in -1 dBm increments)
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty available

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