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Potter Academy

Potter Academy

Potter Electric Signal is excited to introduce its new training hub, Potter Academy. Through Potter Academy, you will be able to access hundreds of bite sized self-paced training modules, earn CEUs, and deepen your industry and product knowledge – all for free! Potter Academy includes courses for everyone from installers to AHJs. Topics range from the basics of a wet sprinkler system, to product wiring, to code and industry updates – making Potter Academy a training hub for both new and experienced fire protection industry professionals.

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  • Browse hundreds of courses and immediately enroll
  • Complete courses on any device
  • Progress is saved and the course or curriculum can be resumed at any time

Earn CEUs

  • NICET recognized training provider
  • Certificates immediately available for download

Variety of Content for a Variety of Audiences

  • Content for those new to the industry and for those with decades of experience
  • Courses are organized into curriculums. Sprinkler curriculums earn CEUs
  • Potter product information, ITM, and troubleshooting
  • Industry knowledge and updates
  • Hear from Potter industry experts

Directly Applicable

  • Get the information you need exactly when you need it
  • Bite sized courses that take approximately 10 minutes to complete
  • Search features


  • Potter Academy offers high quality, industry leading training, and CEUs for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Enrollment Key and how do I use it?

An Enrollment Key is a credential that allows you to be granted access to and automatically enrolled in specific content, which can be found under "My Courses".

There are three methods to redeem an enrollment key:

  • New User with an Enrollment Key URL: If you have been given a Direct Link URL then you will select this link and follow the directions to make a new account. The content associated with the enrollment key will appear under "My Courses" when you log in.
  • New User with an Enrollment Key Name: If you do not have a Direct Link URL and rather have an Enrollment Key name. Create an account through the sign-up button. Once logged in, click on the tile named "Enrollment Key" on your homepage Learner Dashboard. Enter the enrollment key name, then click "Enroll". The content associated with this key can now be found under "My Courses".
  • All Existing Users: Log into your account and click on the tile named "Enrollment Key" on your homepage Learner Dashboard. Enter the enrollment key name, then click "Enroll". The content associated with this key can now be found under "My Courses".

How do I access my certificates?

When you log into your account, you will be taken to the home page Learner Dashboard. Select the tile "Transcript". Here you will find a record of all the courses you've completed as well as your certificates and total credits. Certificates and transcripts can be downloaded and printed. You can also find your certificate inside any completed curriculums.

How do I find a course?

There are multiple ways to find a course. From the homepage, select the tile "Catalog" and then select a category. From there, you will be able to explore courses and curricula. Remember that a curriculum contains multiple related courses. For example, if you are looking for an installation and wiring guide for the PS10, that would be grouped under the PS10 curriculum. Another method is to use the search feature, indicated by a magnifying glass at the upper right. Once you have found a course you are interested in, click "enroll". You can then immediately take the course by selecting start or return to this course later under "My Courses".

How do I earn CEUs?

Potter provides CEUs for all Sprinkler and Corrosion curriculums, as well as the AFC & IPA series of Fire Alarm Control Panels. For each CEU, select "Catalog" and then "Sprinkler and Corrosion" or "Fire Alarm." From here, click the funnel with a plus sign in the upper left corner of the screen. You will now be able to filter the content and view all curriculums. Select "Enroll" for the curriculums that you wish to take. You can then immediately take the course by pressing "Start" or save for later. Courses that have been enrolled in can be found under "My Courses" on the home page. All additional classes that do not have an assigned CEU value are applicable as "informal training" as defined by NICET.

Who should I reach out to if I have a question about Potter Academy or an issue with my account?

Please reach out to academy@pottersignal.com for support.

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