Conventional Photoelectric/Heat Smoke Detector

The CPSHD-24H is a reliable, high quality combination Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector that meets the requirements of UL268 7th edition and UL521 7th edition allowing it to be used in all open areas where smoke detection is required.  The CPSHD-24H is sensitive to a wide range of criteria, including polyurethane foam fire, while at the same time greatly reducing alarms from false and nuisance events such as cooking.


  • High signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity stability effective in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Wide viewing angle alarm indicators
  • Automatic drift compensation and maintenance indication
  • Built-in magnetic test feature
  • Break-away, hidden locking feature for use with NS bases
  • Optimized reduction to false alarms and enhanced reaction time to real fire

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