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SSC Series Obsolete Product

Ceiling and Wall Mount Speaker Strobe

Amseco's ceiling and wall mount fire alarm Select-A-Speaker Series are designed to generate attention grabbing tones and voice commands for emergency signaling evacuation applications. These highly efficient, low profile speakers are available with field selectable taps ¼, ½, 1, and 2 Watts. The speakers are available in two input voltage models, 25V RMS and 70.7V RMS and can be installed on a standard 4" square back box.

The strobe features a unique candela intensity field selector switch for alternating the candela ouput to 30cd, 75cd, or 110cd, and is polarized for connecting to supervise fire alarm circuits. The strobe housing is clearly labeled with "FIRE" lettering and is designed with a xenon fl ash tube and provides a candela intensity field selector switch for maximum performance.

The series can be synchronized by using the SMD10-3A (daisy chain) Sync Module to comply with NFPA recommendations concerning photosensitive epilepsy when installing two or more visual appliances within the field of view. The strobe signals are designed for non-sleeping areas and are listed for indoor use.

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