IP Connectivity

With today's ever-expanding means of communication, it's important to be able to incorporate the same technology into your fire control system. We took this technology into account when we designed IP connectivity within our new panels.

By eliminating the cost of phone lines, save big when using your building's existing network infrastructure. Additionally, the speed of IP communication allows for event information to be sent to the central station within seconds.

Potter IP-enabled fire alarm systems are NFPA 72 2013, compliant and allow for a single path of communication over IP. Potter IP-enabled fire alarm systems are also factory set to program for NFPA 72 2013 test time interval changes of 6 hours from 24 hours.

Ethernet Ports
Ethernet Ports

Communication Options

Potter IP-enabled fire alarm systems are capable of both IP and phone line communication to central station. They comply with NFPA 72 2013 code by providing both out of the box.

Emails & Reminders

Potter IP-enabled fire alarm systems are email ready. History and Detector Status reports can be sent on demand as either a text or Excel® file for a professional look. The status events of the panel can be immediately emailed allowing users to be proactive in servicing customers. Reports and the configuration file can be requested from the panel at any time by sending an email directly to the panel. Additionally, enhance your business by creating email reminders for your customers to schedule system tests or even to purchase new batteries.

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Remote Monitoring & Programming


PotterNet Graphical Software

The PotterNet Fire and Facility Supervising Station is a desktop application that facilitates the monitoring and control of IPA, AFC/ARC, and PFC-4064 fire alarm control panels. It utilizes a distributed client-server model for communication in order to reduce or eliminate single points of failure.

Available in both UL and non-UL Listed versions, PotterNet will monitor all compatible panels in a single building, on a local campus, or across multiple sites worldwide. Configurations with as many as 1,000 panels and 15 graphical PotterNet stations can address your largest system needs.

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IntelliView Cloud Monitoring

IntelliView™ Cloud Monitoring

Monitor your fire panel from anywhere in the world and take full advantage of the industry leading smart features of the Potter IntelliView dashboard. Simply connect to the building's networked internet connection and register your device. You will be able to remotely view the status of your Potter connected systems from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Panel Programmer

Panel Programmer

Once connected to a network, the panel configuration software allows custom programming and configuration for all points using the network or a stand-alone computer. Fine-tune device behavior characteristics or create mapping zones for a more sophisticated fire protection system. All this is bundled in an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

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