We are proud to announce the release of the industry’s first and only weatherproof and explosion proof OS&Y valve supervisory switch, the OSYSU-EX-O. The device is made up of all the same protective features as the indoor version but is also corrosion resistant. The OSYSU-EX-O has undergone rigorous tests in order to be classified as corrosion resistant. The switch housing is capable of withstanding extreme conditions, and the mounting bracket performs as well as stainless steel in severe weather environments. Mike Henke, Product Manager for the Sprinkler Group at Potter said, “The OSYSU-EX-O is a real industry breakthrough.” Henke continued, “People have been clamoring for a device like this and Potter is thrilled to be the company to bring it to them.”

Potter has also released updated versions of the OSYSU-EX and the PIVS-U-EX, both of which include an adjustable trip stem. All Potter explosion proof devices come with a 5-year warranty.

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