We have released a series of instructional videos pertaining to sprinkler monitoring product installation. This series of six modules takes the viewer through step by step instructions on how to properly install Potter’s sprinkler monitoring products.

These helpful directions provide the viewer with an in depth understanding of the installation process in regards to waterflow, pressure, and tamper switches, as well as releasing panels and notification devices. The installation process is demonstrated with Potter’s products and gives supportive guidance and helpful tips to persons wishing to properly install any Potter sprinkler monitoring device.  The video modules are available on the Potter website, as well as on YouTube.

Mike Henke, Product Manager for the Sprinkler Group at Potter said, “We are happy to be providing our instructional videos for free on the web so that our customers can get concise guidance on how to properly install our products. We are also providing the ability to receive Contact Hours after completing the video and taking a test.”

Watch the videos here!

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