Potter announces the release of The PotterNet Fire and Facility Supervising Station. PotterNet is a desktop application that facilitates the networking, monitoring, and control of IPA, AFC/ARC, and PFC-4064 fire alarm control panels. It utilizes a distributed client-server model for communication in order to reduce or eliminate single points of failure. PotterNet will monitor all compatible panels in a single building, on a local campus, or across multiple sites worldwide.

PotterNet supports customizable CAD drawings and floor plans that automatically direct users to the highest priority signal. This results in faster and intuitive signal identification. Prioritized current signals, signal summary, detailed history, high-resolution graphics, and point details (including sensitivity settings) will help facility personnel easily understand the system status. Additionally, PotterNet imports the Potter Fire Panel Configuration files or automatically learns the monitored points directly from the panel, making for simple and quick commissioning.

Bob Teta, Engineering Manager for the Fire and Security Division at Potter said,

“PotterNet will change the way our customers monitor their fire protection systems on campuses, high-rises, and multiple site building applications. As many as 1,000 networked panels can be monitored and controlled by up to 15 intuitive graphical client stations.  Our fire panels have a built-in supervised ethernet connection that eliminates the need for additional hardware, converters, gateways, or network interface cards.  We’re excited to offer our customers such a robust and cutting-edge software that will really change the way they do business!”

For more information on the PotterNet Fire and Facility Supervising Station, click here.

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