The Model VSR-SG is a vane type waterflow switch for use on wet sprinkler systems using CPVC plastic fittings. It is equipped with a union to accommodate installation in confined spaces.

Unique Features

  • VSR-SG, The only flowswitch for CPVC pipe
  • Union coupling allows for installation in areas where there isn't room to screw the device into a fitting
  • Fits all CPVC (VSR-SG) and threaded tees (VSR-ST) from 1" - 2"

Codes and Approvals

  • UL, cUL, CSFM
  • Service use; NFPA 13, 13D, 13R and 72

Engineering Features

  • Allows for faster easier installation
  • The union coupling allows them to be installed in a standard 2 x 4 wall with drywall already installed on one side

Installation Tips

  • VSR-SG - Glue the male coupling into the CPVC tee making sure the coupling bottoms out into the tee
  • VSR-SG - Make sure the glue is dry before installing the flowswitch
  • VSR-SG & VSR-ST - Verify that the o-ring is properly positioned in its groove in the union coupling

Tech Tips

  • Pay attention to the wiring diagram. The device does not require power to operate. It is just a switch. Wiring it to operate a bell is the same as wiring a light switch to turn on a light
  • The Bull portion of the tee where the flowswitch installs must be factory 1", reducers are not allowed. The Run portion of the tee can be from 1" - 2"
  • VSR-ST, screw the fitting into the tee until there is approximately 1/2" clearance between the top of the tee to the bottom of the threads on the fitting

Additional Information

  • Potter also makes CPVC risers that fit in standard 2 x 4 wall construction. The risers are from 1" - 2" and are complete with VSR-SG, test/drain valve and pressure gauge

Click here to view the VSR-SG datasheet.

Click here to view the VSR-ST datasheet.

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