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CIZM-4 Obsolete Product

Conventional Initiating Zone Module

The CIZM-4 module is used to supervise the status of conventional initiating devices such as smoke detectors on an Initiating Device Circuit (IDC).

The module monitors the initiating device wiring (A+, A-, B+, and B- terminals) and the 24VDC auxiliary power used to supply the module. The module monitors for the end of line resistor and when the zone is activated the modules latches in alarm until the panel is released. The IDC may be wired Class B (Style B) or Class A (Style D) and is selectable by an on board jumper.

The CIZM-4 module has one red LED for local indication of the status of the module itself and its wiring. Normal conditions are indicated by flashing LED approximately every 4 seconds. An alarm condition is indicated by constant illumination. Open circuit condition is indicated by no LED. However, the system allows a maximum of 13 LEDs constantly.