RA-7692 Obsolete Product

LCD Annunciator for PFC-7500

The RA-7692 keypad annunciator provides LED notification of the system status for the PFC-7500 series communicators. The panel has five sets of LEDs to indicate alarm and trouble conditions. In addition, the panel has a Power ON LED and a Trouble LED that will indicate a communication and phone line failure. There is a piezo sounder that will activate momentarily anytime a key is pressed, sounds intermittently during a trouble condition and sounds steady when an alarm condition is present.

The keypad is powered directly from the PFC-7500 series panel. The keypad has a wire harness that readily connects to the panel. The keypad efficiently operates on 30mA and up to 500mA worth of the RA-7692 can be connected to a single panel. The keypad has a removable back for ease in mounting.