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ARB Obsolete Product

Addressable Relay Base

The Addressable Relay Base 6" (ARB) is combination sensor base with a relay module included. The base has a locking feature for the sensor that may be used or removed in the field. Once the head is removed, the relay is accessible in the bottom of the unit.

The relay module is a uniquely addressed module that provides two form C contacts. The first relay is rated at 8 amps at 30 VDC or 240VAC. The second relay is rated at 2 amps at 30 VDC or 240 VAC. The ARB has a divider providing means for separation of high voltage and non-power limited connections from the power limited, regulated Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).

The ARB is designed that once activated, both relays change position. The activation of the unit is identified by a LED on the unit latching red. The unit is reset when the panel is reset. The panel will support any combination of sensors or modules on the SLC. The ARB occupies one address on the loop.

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