IntelliCheck™ Advanced Leak Rate Monitor

Potter's IntelliCheck Advanced Leak Rate Monitor is designed to monitor any dry or pre-action sprinkler system with any supervisory gas supply to ensure the system and gas supply are performing optimally. The IntelliCheck can monitor leak rate, system pressure, compressor runtime and ambient temperature. Additionally, it can perform NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 leak rate tests, fully automating the compliance testing process.

  • Automated NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 leak rate testing
  • IntelliView™ ready for remote internet monitoring and notifications
  • Monitors new or existing systems
  • Monitors any individual or common supervisory gas source
    • Nitrogen generators
    • Air compressors
    • Tank gas systems
  • Assists in isolating system leaks

Potter IntelliCheck Advanced Leak Rate Monitor Video

IntelliView™ Web Monitoring

With Potter's IntelliView Dashboard, you can connect and monitor your IntelliCheck Advanced Leak Rate Monitors from anywhere in the world. Simply connect the unit to your building's existing network and register at Within minutes you will have access to system leak rate, pressure, compressor runtime, and much more!

Multiple buildings and IntelliView ready devices are supported allowing a property owner or building manager to monitor all of their connected systems from one location. System administrators can even register additional users to view system information.

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IntelliCheck™ Features

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Quantify Leak Rates

Potter's IntelliCheck quantifies leak rates and provides owners with data to make decisions about their system. Data is accessible on the IntelliCheck directly, or through rich graphs and reports via the IntelliView dashboard.


Accurate Leak Rate Monitoring

The IntelliCheck uses a pressure transducer to measure changes in air or nitrogen pressure to calculate leak rate. Along with Potter's proprietary algorithms in the embedded intelligent controller, the IntelliCheck uses these measurements to provide accurate data.

NFPA Books

Automated NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 leak rate testing

The IntelliCheck can be configured to test for NFPA 13 or 25 leak rates and automatically conducts the test as scheduled. Results can be displayed on the unit's display or through the IntelliView web dashboard. Test frequency can be set by the user to automate compliance tests.

Air Maintenance Device

Monitors New & Existing Systems

Since the system does not require a special design to work with the IntelliCheck, it can be installed on any new or existing system with little effort and expense.

Potter IntelliGen

Monitors Any Supervisory Gas Source

The IntelliCheck monitors any individual or common supervisory gas source including nitrogen generators, air compressors, and tank gas systems. It monitors leakage downstream from the system's air maintenance device. It is the perfect complement to nitrogen generators as it provides more detailed system information than most nitrogen generators.

System Pipe

Assists in Isolating System Leaks

Potter's IntelliCheck helps you identify and prove to your customers that service work is needed on a system. By utilizing precise measurements and data provided by the unit, you can be confident in the health and condition of the system.