8 Zone Remote Annunciator

The RA8F is a remote annunciator for the PFC-5004, PFC-5004E and PFC-5008 conventional fire alarm control panels. The RA8F communicates using a RS-485 connection to the main panel to provide common indication of AC power, Common Trouble and Signal Silence. In addition, the RA8F provides 8 bi-colored LED's that indicate Red for an Alarm condition and Amber for a Supervisory condition. The common switches are disabled until the key switch is activated. The common switches, when activated, will act exactly the same as the main fire alarm panel. Up to three of the RA8F annunciators may be installed on a single fire panel. The RA8F mounts on a four gang electrical box and has labels provided for identifying the LED's. The RA8F is available in red or white.

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