SH-1224-WP Series

Weatherproof Horn Strobe

The SH-1224WP Strobe/Horn Series provides a wide range of candela light output options in a single device. The candela settings include a 12 or 24 volt DC operation for the 15, 35 and 60 (75 on axis) candela settings and 24 volt DC operation for the 15, 35, 60, 75, 95 and 110 candela settings. The candela setting is displayed through the front window and is selectable using a drum wheel. The strobes can be synchronized using a control panel with the Potter(Amseco) sync protocol or a SMD10-3A sync module.

The horn settings include Temporal, Non-Temporal, March Time and a Chime sound. The horn also has Low, Mid and High volume settings for each pattern and tone. The tones include 2400 Hz, Electro-Mechanical and Broadband.

The voltage input can be either regulated DC or full wave rectified (FWR) 12 volt or 24 volt operation with an operating range of 8 to 33V DC.

The SH-1224WP utilizes a universal mounting plate that will mount on a single gang, double gang, octagon and 4" square electrical boxes. The back plate allows the installer to mount the plate and terminate the wire connections. The strobe/horn attaches in a hinge fashion from the top and is secured by a single mounting screw. The strobe/horn completely covers the mounting back plate, therefore it can be mounted before other trades work is completed and not affect the final look.

The Potter SH-1224WP is listed for both outdoor and indoor installations. For outdoor installations the device must be mounted on a matching BBX-5 back box or a BBK-1 bell back box.