The IntelliGen™ Line of Nitrogen Generators Simplify Installation and Monitoring

Announcing the release of the fire sprinkler industry’s only line of intelligent nitrogen generators. With complete automation of the fill and purge process, the IntelliGen™ line of nitrogen generators simplifies the installation process by eliminating ball valves. Additionally, IntelliGen™ generators are web enabled which allows the user to monitor their systems remotely.

The patent pending IntelliGen™ Controller software facilitates every aspect of the nitrogen generators including pressure, runtime, power, connectivity, and operational mode. Ensuring the unit is working at optimal performance. Using this information and propriety algorithms the IntelliGen™ Controller can determine if the unit needs to be in Bypass Mode or Nitrogen Generating Mode. Also, by monitoring the generator activity, the controller can indicate development of sprinkler system leaks, user interaction, and even if maintenance needs to be performed on the generator.

The IntelliGen™ line of nitrogen generators provides the option to connect an Ethernet cable which allows data to be transferred to Potter’s IntelliView™ dashboard. This dashboard allows users to login on a computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world and view system status including trouble alerts, leak rates, fill times, and other maintenance conditions. Connecting the IntelliGen™ to the internet also allows the user to receive e-mail notifications of system status changes.

Josh Tihen, Corrosion Solutions Product Manager at Potter said,

“This new line of Intelligen™ Nitrogen Generators will change the way we look at corrosion protection. The design of this product is unlike anything the industry has ever seen. The smart components and connectivity of these generators will help make installation extremely easy while providing the best possible corrosion protection. We have strived to make sure the end user’s investment is protected through proper maintenance and system monitoring. We couldn’t be more excited about this product line and what it means for our customers!”

The IntelliGen™ is FM Approved and available in four sizes. The INS-500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 are built to fill and monitor varying sizes of fire sprinkler systems and are available for purchase immediately.

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