Smoke control is essential in redirecting hazardous smoke and fumes in the instance of a building fire. These systems save lives and assets which are otherwise at serious risk from smoke during a fire.

Potter V6 Software

Potter’s IPA Series fire alarm control panels are being updated with V6 firmware. Among several great enhancements to this industryleading line, V6 unlocks support for smoke control features. Additionally, existing IPA panels that have been installed can be upgraded to V6 firmware to add the UUKL listing and smoke control capability.

The firmware can be updated in the field using the Update Utitility Tool, version Download V6 software below:

Click here to download V6 Software

What is UL 864 & UUKL?

UL 864 is the standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems. It sets standards for construction, installation, control, and operation of smoke control devices and their accessories. All things that are necessary to support fire alarm systems. UUKL is a listing within UL 864 that establishes a rating for the equipment used within a smoke control system.

Both of these are established to ensure that equipment is manufactured and installed correctly so that it’ll remain functional as long as possible to safeguard human life and reduce the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire. These ratings require rigorous testing under extreme conditions for the equipment being certified.

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