Potter is proud to announce the release of new versions of our OSYSU and PCVS Supervisory Switches. These products include features that enhance installation and adjustment. Once installed, The OSYSU and PCVS Supervisory Switches monitor the position of water supply control valves.

The OSYSU Supervisory Switch now contains visual indicators that show the status of the switch. The white visual indicator is visible through the window on the back of the switch actuator and helps guide the installer to ensure easy and precise installation. The mounting bracket is serrated to provide a more secure fit to the valve yoke. There is an improved adjustment feature on the OSYSU that eliminates the need to loosen or remove the mounting hardware after initial installation in order to make fine adjustments. Both the OSYSU and PCVS come equipped with more room for conduit fittings and wiring within the device. Both devices are also still completely waterproof, have a NEMA 6P rating, and can be fully submerged as long as proper conduits and fittings are used. These devices come with Potter’s industry leading five year warranty.

Mike Henke, Product Manager for the Sprinkler Group at Potter said, “We couldn’t be happier with the updated versions of the OSYSU and PCVS, the new features make them easier than ever to install and maintain.” Henke continued, “We took all of the feedback given to us by contractors and made sure to make a product that best suited their needs.”

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