Finally, a fire alarm panel designed specifically for sprinkler monitoring!

Panels designed for sprinkler monitoring applications are virtually nonexistent. DACT only dialers are severely limited and a traditional fire alarm panel with a DACT is overkill and costly. Potter's new Sprinkler Monitoring Panel is ideally suited to monitor a fire sprinkler system.

The first zone of the PFC-6006 is selectable as a Class A or Class B water flow input and the other five zones are selectable from a menu of options including two-wire smoke detection. The panel has a 1.0 amp power supply that powers the panel, charges the batteries and supplies 0.5 amps to a notification appliance circuit and 0.5 amps of auxiliary power. Potter’s exclusive Quadrasync technology allows the PFC-6006 to synchronize A/V devices from Potter/AMSECO®, Wheelock®, Gentex®, and System Sensor®.

This easy to install and versatile panel is backed by our industry-leading 5 year warranty.

Email Capabilities

Emails can be sent to the panel for status updates or to download configuration files. Email can also drive service and revenue with reminders that an inspection or test is due.

IP Communication

New NFPA 72 2013 code requires backing up phone lines that send signals to a central station with an alternate technology. The PFC-6006 can communicate over IP out of the box.

Unique Features

Click here to view the PFC-6006 datasheet and other product information.

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