Potter is excited to announce the release of the PAD100-LFSB. This Addressable Low Frequency Sounder Base may be utilized with all PAD100 detector heads and complies with low frequency signal requirements (520 Hz) for commercial and residental sleeping spaces. Low frequncy sounders are more effective at waking individuals in a fire event, including those with mild to severe hearing loss.

The base has an independent low frequency sounder that may be programmed for single station, zone or all call.  The PAD100-LFSB does not consume an address on the loop and is fully programmable to operate with any input. Once activated the sounder will also follow the input from the power source and deactivate accordingly.

Amy Liedman, Product Manager for the Fire/Security division at Potter said

“The PAD100-LFSB is an excellent addition to our product line. We are excited to have this available for our customers to help them comply with the increasing requirements for low frequency sounders.”

Potter is currently taking orders for the UL Listed device and anticipates being in full production by the end of August.

Click here for more information on the PAD100-LFSB.

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