Microprocessor-Based 8 Zone Conventional Fire Panel

Potter's PFC-5008 Fire Alarm Control Panel is a microprocessor based unit designed for small to medium commercial, residential, multi-family, institutional and industrial occupancies. Fully configurable using DIP switches, it enables the user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements. The PFC-5008 is a PFC-5004E with the ZA42 expansion card factory installed. In addition, the preassembled kit contains a UDACT-9100 for digital communications.

The PFC-5008 comes standard with 8 Class B (Style B) Initiating Circuits which may be configured as 4 Class A (Style D) circuits. In addition, it comes equipped with 4 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating circuits which are each rated at 1.7 amps. The panel also includes a 5 Amp Power Supply which powers the system and supplies a 4-wire resettable regulated smoke power supply of 24 VDC 100mA maximum.

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