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PotterNet Lite

Graphical Monitoring Control Software for Single FACP

PotterNet-Lite is a non-UL software solution for monitoring a Potter fire alarm control panel. PotterNet-Lite systems are limited to monitoring one Potter panel and having one PotterNet supervising station. It comes with the capability to connect to one fire panel. There is no need to order a PotterNet-Connect license. PotterNet-Lite has all the features and functions found in all PotterNet software. PotterNet-Lite systems that grow and need additional integration and mass notification capabilities can be upgraded by simply ordering a license upgrade. There is no additional upgrade software to install. A 1-year software services agreement (SSA) is included with PotterNet-Lite. The SSA allows you to upgrade your software free of charge to any version of PotterNet-Lite released in the subsequent year. You can optionally continue this SSA after year 1 by ordering PotterNet-Lite SSA.

This product is only available to our authorized IPA ESDs. Please contact us to inquire about becoming a Potter ESD for access to this product line. If you are an IPA user, log in with your Potterlink credentials below.

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