50W Integrated Amplifier

The SCA-5070INT is a small form single channel 50W amplifier that can be mounted in the IPA-4000V, AFC-1000V, LOC- 1000 and PSN-1000E. The amplifier is mounted to an exclusive stacker bracket for secure and accessible mounting. The SCA-5070INT provides 4 Class B or 4 Class A speaker circuits. The SCA-5070INT communicates via the P-Link communication bus and audio is distributed through the V-Link 1 audio riser. The amplifier is powered by a constant 24VDC provided by the fire panel or PSN-1000 NAC circuit. The SCA-5070INT can support either 25V or 70V speaker circuits. The speaker circuit voltage is set using the panel programming software. The IPA-4000V supports up to thirty-one (31) amplifiers and the AFC-1000V supports up to 10 amplifiers. All circuits are power-limited and supervised.


  • Small form 50W amplifier
  • Single Channel
  • 25VRMS and 70VRMS selectable
  • 4 Class B or 4 Class A speaker outputs
  • P-Link device
  • Equipped with stacker bracket for secure and accessible mounting
  • May mount in IPA-4000V, AFC-1000V, LOC-1000 and PSN-1000E
  • The IPA-4000V, AFC-1000V and LOC-1000 can house (1) one SCA-5070INT 
  • The PSN-1000E can house a maximum of (2) two SCA 5070INT

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