Potter Electric Signal Company announces the SCA-5070INT 50W Integrated Amplifier that provides four (4) Class B or four (4) Class A speaker outputs and may be installed within the in the IPA-4000V, AFC-1000V, LOC-1000 and PSN-1000E using the provided mounting bracket.  

The SCA-5070INT is equipped with an exclusive stacker bracket for secure and accessible mounting for each amplifier. This single enclosure solution eliminates additional steel enclosures and reduces the battery requirements from four (4) to two (2). This saves on equipment cost, freight cost, and reduces wall space usage. 

The SCA-5070INT can be used within a PSN-1000E and Local Operator Console (LOC). Installers can terminate signaling appliance wiring within a single enclosure, removing the need to split between two separate enclosures. In addition, installers can potentially use 4-conductor cable for NAC devices instead of separate 2-conductor cable. Over time, this results in a net reduction of both labor and wire cost.

Potter Electric’s Product Manager, TJ Loughman said.

“Current amplifier solutions for systems have always struggled with the problem of being bulky and cost inefficient.  The SCA-5070INT provides an elegant solution in both value and aesthetics for companies seeking to provide greater reach for their sound system.”

Please click here for more information on the SCA-5079INT 50W Integrated Amplifier, and all products and services that Potter offers.

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