Potter announces the release of the CoilKeeper™ Supervisory Switch, which will grant users improved coil monitoring on preaction/deluge system solenoids on their fire suppression systems. 

Recent changes to NFPA 13 2019 – now require the coil on a releasing solenoid of pre-action systems to be monitored. The CoilKeeper is designed to observe and report on the position of a solenoid coil commonly found in most preaction/deluge sprinkler systems. When a coil is removed, the device activates a set of contacts that will send a supervisory alert to the releasing control panel, letting maintainers and facility personnel know the system is currently being worked upon.

In addition to monitoring the coil’s status, the CoilKeeper also uses easy-to-understand LED lights to indicate what state the coil is currently in, whether it be normal operation, undergoing maintenance, or if there is a fault or short in the solenoid. The current circuit state is also available for local viewing, which can help prevent any accidental system releases and discharges.

Andy Kaempfer, Potter’s Director of Product Management for the Sprinkler Division said, 

“We believe that the CoilKeeper will simplify the process of retrofitting existing dry and pre-action installations to meet the new NFPA code requirement. Our goal with this product is to bring an innovative solution to the coil supervision issue that provides a better alternative to mechanical options.”

Click here to visit Potter's CoilKeeper Information Portal.

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