Potter Electric Signal Company announces the release of the PFC-4410G3 Releasing Panel.

Potter's PFC-4410G3 Releasing Panel has been designed to expand upon the previous generation's strengths while enhancing an already robust feature set. With focus directed toward simplifying the installation process and a greater emphasis on control of monitoring and maintenance, the PFC-4410G3 offers fire protection second to none. The PFC-4410G3 now provides seven fully definable zones, multidirectional navigation for speedy access to panel alerts, and built-in notification appliance patterns and synchronization using Potter's exclusive Quadrasync technology. The PFC-4410G3 allows for programming at the panel, offers users access to remotely retrieve data monitoring updates, and includes the Potter proprietary P-Link for further expandability.

Potter's Sprinkler Product Manager, Tom Smith stated,

“The PFC-4410 has long been a cornerstone product for Potter Electric. The PFC-4410G3 is an exciting continuation of this legacy with enhanced user interactions and more customization and expandability meeting the unique needs of every installation. We are excited to provide the next generation to our customers, giving them a competitive edge when designing their releasing systems.”

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