Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri USA, announces the release of the SignaLink Bridge Wireless Supervisory System, which will now allow users the ability to use fully supervised wireless communication between dry contact devices.

The SignaLink Bridge removes the need to hard wire dry contact devices to each other and operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency. Each SignaLink device has a maximum communication range of 800’ with a weather and UV resistant polycarbonate enclosure that is NEMA 4 rated for outdoor applications. This makes the SignaLink Bridge an ideal retrofit system for use in historical buildings where wiring and conduit isn’t a preferred option. Additionally, the system is also compatible with any previously installed fire panel or fire alarm system.

In addition to no longer needing extensive wiring and conduits, the SignaLink devices do not require resetting or silencing. A software driven setup tool via a laptop allows users to check signal strength among other features. Post-mounting kits are available as well for further installation options.

Since SignaLink devices can connect to any fire panel as another point to monitor, they can be utilized in an unlimited number of applications. An example of a typical application would be monitoring of supervisory switches on PIV or OSY valves in parking lots or pits where conduit is missing or damaged. Another example would be in temporary installations, such as construction sites, where monitoring requirements are continually changing and devices are being moved around the site.   

Andy Kaempfer, Potter’s Director of Sprinkler Product Management, said,

“The SignaLink Bridge is going to completely change how Potter users are able to set up their sprinkler systems. Along with saving them time, money, and materials from not needing conduit or wiring, it will also allow users greater flexibility as to where they can install their dry contact devices. We are very excited to add wireless capability to our Sprinkler product line, and have backed it with the best warranty and support in the industry!”

For complete details on the SignaLink Bridge visit our Product Information Portal.

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