Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC is proud to announce a Gold-level win at the 2022 Government Security  award for its Integrated Voice Systems. This is the fourth award for Potter at the Government Security Govies since 2018 in the category of Fire & Life Safety.

Security Today Govie

Security Today has awarded Potter with a Govie Award in the category of Fire & Life Safety for the Integrated Voice Systems. Potter is honored to receive such an award and would like to thank Security Today for the recognition. This is an important award as it honor outstanding government fire & security products.

"For the past ten years, Security Today and GovSec have hosted The Govies, and I have been amazed at the innovation and technology entered in this product contest. Truly, manufacturers are ramping up their research and development, bringing top-quality solutions to the government vertical." — Ralph C. Jensen, Editor-in-Chief of Security Today and GovSec magazines and securitytoday.com

About Potter's Integrated Voice Systems

The Integrated Voice System can be used to address multiple site requirements for the Potter AFC-1000V and IPA-4000V, with industry leading capacity including up to 104 programmable push buttons, 31 total system amplifiers, 248 speaker circuits, and remote system control using the new LOC-1000 Local Operator Console.

The Integrated Voice System utilizes a text-to-speech feature that allows users to create custom spoken audio messages themselves without needing third party software or voice artists. When done in conjunction with the WaveNet neural network, the fire panels generate more natural sounding speech than regular text-to-speech software. This is all done within the same easy-to-use programming software Potter customers are familiar with.

In addition to text to speech capability, the Integrated Voice System also can create audio patterns using the Potter programming software. Users can click and drag audio sources onto a timeline allowing multiple, nested audio loops. Patterns can also be played from within the software to test before uploading to the panel. These features are provided to allow easier system deployment for users without adding on additional costs and time.

Amy Liedman, Potter’s Director of Product Management for Fire and Security, said,

“The Integrated Voice System is going to revolutionize the capabilities of Potter’s large-scale fire and life safety systems. Giving our customers the ability to provide voice evacuation systems into the market ensuring their installations will provide clear evacuation needs in an emergency situation, and it’s been designed with an easy-to-use interface for much easier initial set-ups and modifications. We’re all very excited to add the Integrated Voice System to the Potter product line!”

Click here for more information on Potter’s Integrated Voice System.

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