Water Test Kit

The WTK Water Test Kit is designed to conform to the requirements of NFPA 13, 2002, 4.3 requiring the building owner or their agent to provide an Owners Certificate detailing any knowledge of the water supply used for the sprinkler system. As well as complying with 23.1.5 requiring the water supply to be evaluated for MIC or other corrosive properties.

Upon receiving the sample, the lab will establish a chain of custody and prepare the sample for bacterium extraction. Five groups of bacteria will be cultured: Heterotrophic Bacterium which determines if the majority of bacterium are anaerobic (without air) or aerobic (with air) in nature; Slime Forming Bacterium (aids in tubercle formation); Iron Related Bacterium (iron-pipe oxidizing and reducing bacterium); Sulfate Reducing Bacterium (causes pit corrosion) and Acid Producing Bacterium (causes pit corrosion). Dissolved Iron testing will also be performed to determine general corrosion status of system. The testing will take approximately 9 days to allow for bacteria culture growth. A full written report will be provided approximately 15 business days after testing is started.

Thorough analysis of an existing sprinkler system should include 2 water tests. 1 each collected at the beginning of the system or riser and from the end of system.

For new or proposed sprinkler systems only 1 sample from the source water is necessary.

Water collected from dry systems can also be tested.

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