Releasing Panel Remote Annunciator

The RA-4410RC remote annunciator is designed to operate with the PFC-4410RC releasing control panel. The unit mounts to a 4 gang box. There are 34 LED's to indicate a change in panel status. There is a buzzer on the annunciator that sounds for any trouble or supervisory condition. Pressing the LAMP TEST button illuminates all of the lamps. The release panel supervises and communicates with the annunciator via separate connections for the RS-485 communication and the 24VDC power requirements of the RA-4410RC. Separate cables should be used for power and communication. Shielded cable must be used for the communication line. Up to four annunciators can be connected to one panel. A Rotary switch is provided on the panel to indicate how many annunciators are connected. Another rotary switch is on the annunciator to set the address. The annunciators must be addressed consecutively.

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