Special Application Pull Station Series

Conventional Special Application Pull Station

The Potter Special Application Pull Station Series offers a complete line of die-cast pull stations for a variety of applications with various colors and descriptions. The pull stations are available in single or dual action models, weather proof, explosion proof and multiple contact configurations. All of the pull stations have a 10-amp snap action switch and a dedicated terminal block for the ease of wire connections. All of the metal is completely coated to inhibit corrosion and provide for a uniform and quality finish.

The pull stations are available in red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, gray, purple or orange. The wording on the pull stations is customizable with a large variety of standardized units. The standard models have a hex key reset, however a key reset is also available. An institutional model is available that is operated with a key only. The models are available with shallow and deep surface mount back boxes. The weather proof and explosion proof models include the appropriate back box with the pull station. The explosion proof is also inherently weather proof.

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