Supervised Zone Module

The Potter PVX-ZM Supervised Zone Module is used in conjunction with the PVX Series Voice Evacuation Panels to provide separately supervised and protected circuits from a single speaker output. The EVX-ZM is default configured for 4 Class B circuits, but may be converted to 2 Class A with the flip of a switch. The PVX-ZM can be ganged together to provide a maximum of 64 Class B circuits.

The PVX-ZM in standard operating mode is strictly All Call. On any page, alarm, or message function all circuits activate. If separate zoning is required, the PVX-ZM has zone selection inputs which may be activated by a N.O. dry contact. Additionally, the PVX-SL8(LED Switch Card) may be employed to provide both Zone and Message selection by switch.

Each speaker circuit employs smart power metering to insure short circuit conditions are isolated from the other circuits. Each circuit is rated 50W @ 70V and 40W @ 25V.

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