Remote Microphone

The PVX-RM is a supervised remote microphone for use with the PVX-25, 50, 100, 150 & 200 voice evacuation system. The microphone provides crystal-clear live voice messages over the system speakers. Ideal for use when the fire alarm panels are in an electrical room, and the annunciator and microphone are in the lobby.

The PVX-RM is perfectly suited for applications in gymnasiums, nightclubs, auditoriums, churches, and other places of assembly. Locate at control rooms, guard stations, and reception areas. Up to 5 PVX-RM Panels may be connected to a single PVX-SC Supervisory Card. This provides supervision of the wires to the PVX-RM and they may be located up to 5000 feet away.

Housed in an attractive surface or semi-flush mounted backbox, with a hinged locking door. The PVX-RM features dead front construction, a microphone with a "Press-to-Talk" button, and discreet LEDs to display "In-Use" and "Fault" status.

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