PVX-25 Series

25 Watt Voice Evacuation System

The PVX-25 operates with any Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), and provides 25 Watts of speaker power. The PVX-25 includes all necessary features to provide an effective voice evacuation system. With the addition of zone splitters, remote microphone panels, and expander modules, the PVX-25 can be custom configured to satisfy the needs of most applications. A digital message repeater (DMR) is built into the PVX-25. The selection of alarm tone and automatice message repears, as well as the 6 hour delay of the AC power failure reporting feature are all field configurable. The paging microphone is an integral component. Removal of the microphone will cause a "Trouble" condition which will be reported locally, as well as through the FACP. The PVX-25 is housed in a surface or semi-flush mounted backbox with a hinged and key locked door.

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