Potter IntelliView™

Cloud Based Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your fire panel or nitrogen generator from anywhere in the world and take full advantage of the industry leading smart features of the Potter IntelliView dashboard. Simply connect the device to the building's networked internet connection and register your device. You will be able to remotely view the status of your Potter connected devices from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Multiple buildings and nitrogen generators are supported allowing a property owner or building manager to monitor all of their IntelliGen Nitrogen Systems from one location. System administrators can even register additional users to view system information.

Visit www.PotterIntelliView.com for more details on Potter's cloud monitoring.

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IntelliView Link (Fire systems only)
Please contact your Regional Account Manager for information on registering your IntelliView account before downloading this software.
exe | zip 2.12.333
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Potter IntelliView Overview for Nitrogen

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IntelliView Overview

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IntelliView Installation

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Adding Panels

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