Wall Mountable Nitrogen Generator with 525 Gallon Largest Riser Fill and 2,350 gallons of Total Sprinkler System Capacity

Potter's IntelliGen™ Series of Nitrogen Generators are specifically designed to generate on-site, 98%+ purity nitrogen for use in fire protection sprinkler systems. When used as a supervisory gas in fire sprinkler systems, nitrogen slows corrosion, improves the life of your system, and lowers maintenance costs.

The INS-600 utilizes nitrogen membrane technology for gas separation. Nitrogen membranes are highly effective and a cost conscious way of producing on-site nitrogen. Acting as a gas filter, the nitrogen membrane separates the oxygen and water vapor molecules in the air from the nitrogen molecules. The high purity nitrogen gas is then piped through the air maintenance device and into the fire protection system. As the system fills with nitrogen, the remaining oxygen molecules in the fire protection system are exhausted by using the Potter IntelliPurge® Nitrogen Purge Valve. The Potter IntelliPurge® Nitrogen Purge Valve monitors the fire protection system to ensure high purity nitrogen is consistent throughout the sprinkler system.


  • Potter’s IntelliGen® Controller (Patent Pending)
    • Fully automates the air fill and nitrogen fill procedure
    • Advanced leak rate detection
    • Integrated Bypass alarm
    • Web Enabled – system can be monitored anywhere there is internet connectivity
    • Automatically e-mails trouble alerts and maintenance reminders
  • Two Integrated 1/2 HP oil-less air compressors included to meet NFPA 13 required 30 minutes fill for 525 gallon system at 40 PSI.
  • Handles up to 2,350 gallons of total sprinkler system capacity.
  • Easy plug and play installation.
  • 20 gallon nitrogen tank.
  • Form C dry contacts for Building Management System (BMS) notification.


For more information on our Nitrogen Generators visit our Corrosion Solutions Portal.

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