Potter Electric Signal Company announces Integrated Voice Network Paging, supplying largescale environments with structured paging and live stream voice management.

Building requirements for larger infrastructures, such as campuses, military, and other multi-building sites, require solutions to page to one or multiple independent systems within the same network during emergency conditions. Integrated Voice Network Paging is designed to enhance paging within such environments, offering seamless connectivity and creating a unified system for paging irrespective of the size of the institution in question.

By establishing a network using the NCE-1000 and the NCF-1000 cards, Potter's Integrated Voice Network Paging system offers the ability to integrate up to 200 panels and stream live voice simultaneously over a peer-to-peer network.

The Potter PC Programmer tool offers flexible zone mapping to effectively page desired buildings for both standard and robust applications. When utilizing the programming tool, the administrator will have access to page all zones (All Call), pinpoint a specific zone in a network, and allow manual prioritization of network paging.

Potter Electric's Product Manager, TJ Loughman said,

“Planning for the unexpected is crucial to protecting environments that utilize multi-structure buildings where people are mobile and need the ability to hear live paging within the location in which they find themselves. Integrated voice Network paging allows customization, allowing fine tuning and security for each unique site.”

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